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Help Save Aquinas and More Catholic Goods

March 7, 2013

If you purchase a lot of Catholic books over the internet like I do than you’ve probably visited Aquinas and More.  I’ve visited the site often over the years to purchase bible, books, and even a medal or two.  They also sell church supplies, rosaries, statues, and other Catholic media.

Aquinas and More is know for selling products and books that fully conform with Catholic teachings.  If a customer is in doubt; the website posts their Good Faith Guarantee and Imprimatur information on many product pages.

Unfortunately Aquinas and More is in trouble and had planned to close.  When this was announced it generated enough buzz that the owner decided to appeal to his loyal customers for donations to keep this online store alive.

They have started a Gofundme account to help raise money for their Aquinas Angles fundraiser.  If you can please donate HERE.

To date Aquinas and More has raised $27,997.

In these tough times that the Church is facing it is important to have a place for Catholics to go and be sure that they are purchasing reliable Catholic media.  I always try to support Catholic stores over sites like for just that reason.  Catholic media sellers are also a source for many smaller market materials that just aren’t available from secular sites.  If you can’t afford to give a donation than give the site a visit and purchase a book to show support.  Aquinas and More is too important of a resource to let fail.

*I am in no way affiliated or am receiving compensation from Aquinas and More Catholic Goods.

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  1. Alex permalink

    A Catholic Store with such a big client base can only be in trouble due to poor management. Overspending and high salaries? I don’t see where the ‘Good Faith’ is in asking for donations to support a lavish lifestyle…

  2. chad1939 permalink

    The owner admitted to having a poor business plan. He outlined changes that may make the business more efficient in the future.

    With that being said I don’t blame you for being skeptical. There is a question of free enterprise and letting the market dictate business naturally. I personally chose to make a donation. That doesn’t mean that everybody has to.

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