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Good Show Bishop Jenky

April 25, 2012

I first heard about Bishop Jenky’s comments this week on Catholic Answers Live.  If you have not heard; this week Bishop Daniel Jenky, currently serving as Bishop of Peoria, recently made comments during a homily calling on the Catholic Laity to vote with their consciences  this November.  In the homily Jenkey also drew comparisons between the erosion of religious liberties  under the Obama administration’s HHS mandate and the erosion of liberties under Hitler and Stalin during the first half of the century.

During a quick search of YouTube I found a recording of His Excellency’s homily.  Please listen to the strong comments and sobering points brought up by the good bishop.  I’d like to thank for posting the recording (maybe the only time I thank that website for anything).

According to The Huffington Post many faculty members from Jenkey’s college, The University of Notre Dame, are asking university administration to remove Bishop Jenkey from the school’s board of fellows.  In case you are interested the Huff Post link contains the text of the letter and a list of signers listed with their respected departments.  I will refrain from ranting about Notre Dame being a complete disappointment to the Catholic faith and not being an organization that should have any authority to speak for the faithful until a later post.

It seems now, according to The Kansas City Star, that in addition to the statement from Notre Dame faculty members it seems that anti-Catholic Rev. Barry Lynn, who is currently serving as the executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State is filing suit against the Diocese of Peoria in an attempt to remove their tax exempt status.  In light of this most recent news I question where Rev. Barry Lynn was when President Obama was campaigning in protestant churches across the country.

I’d like to ask you to take action and drop His Excellency a line.  Let him know he has your support and that you are praying for him.

Bishop Jenkey deserves our gratitude for being vocal on an unpopular issue.  I wish more bishops were this brazen in reminding Catholics that being Christian is a lifestyle, not just something we do for an hour on Sunday’s.

Contact the  Bishop’s Office HERE.

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