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May, The Month of the Blessed Virgin

April 29, 2012

We are getting ready to start my favorite month of the year.  May is special to me for more than one reason.  For one since I was a kid I’ve been a summer person with a despise for winter and fall.  Summer meant no school, baseball, auto racing, and car shows (I’m a bit of a gear head.)  Today summer is still special to me.  I’ve never grown out of my distaste for winter.  Even though there is no three month summer break, there is still something liberating about summer.

May is great.  It is the gateway month to the glowing, warm, liberating season of summer.  To us Catholics May is also special for another reason.  May is a month detected to the Blessed Virgin.  The month is capped off with the celebration of the Visitation, celebrating Mary becoming the first evangelist by visiting her cousin Elizabeth, on May 31.

Of course every day is a great day to ask our heavenly mother for her prayers, but may is an especially good time to spice up your prayer life and rededicate yourself to your favorite Marian devotion.

A Crowning with Flowers

This month many parishes will have special masses and devotions for Our Lady.  Next Sunday my home parish will celebrate a centuries old ritual of crowning a statue of Mary with flowers.

Of course one can find ways to venerate Mary all year round.  If you are the type that enjoys saying a daily rosary than I can think of no greater grace than joining the Confraternity of the Holy Rosary.  This Confraternity is connected to several indulgences for those members who pray each of the four sets of mysteries weekly.  Several masses are also said by the Dominican fathers for members.

I’ve also recently become a member of the Association of the Miraculous Medal.    Like with  the Rosary Confraternity several masses are said for members annually.  There are also indulgences attached to membership.  One can enroll individually or as a family for just $0.25 per year.

Finally I also find comfort praying to Our Lady of Perpetual Help.  Many parishes across the world have perpetual help devotions on Tuesdays.  I am luck enough to be a member of an oratory that has a special mass every Tuesday evening on a special  alter dedicated for this purpose.   Every Tuesday 50 or so of the faithful gather for this celebration of mass followed by devotions.   The oratory is also home to the Archconfraternity of Our Mother of Perpetual Help which grants additional indulgences to members who participate in the devotion and mass monthly.

Even if your parish does not have a special devotion for the month of May I hope you can find your own personal way to honor our mother and our Queen.

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