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Why All The Hate NCR?

May 4, 2012

If you are like me you read all of the Catholic News sites and publications that you can get your hands on.  For the past few years we haven’t seen a lot of good news.  Abortion has been on the rise, the sex abuses scandal is still being felt, and bishops have been silent on issues ranging from catechesis of the faithful to basic human rights and social justice.

But lately there has been a wind of change in the Catholic atmosphere in the United States.  Since President Obama and the Department of Health and Human Services decided to force Catholic institutions such as colleges and hospitals to break with moral conscience and provide contraception to employees, the bishops of the United States have been beautifully vocal and unified.

Needless to say the Catholic news sources are full of praise for our bishops and good news regarding the fight against the HHS mandate.  Unfortunately there is one last holdout who refuses to post this positive news.  The National Catholic Reporter is the voice of liberal “Catholics”.  While Our Sunday Visitor and the National Catholic Register support the magisterium and the Catholic faith the NCR seems to have decided to double their efforts to undermine Catholic doctrine and the magisterium.

A quick rundown of headlines are as follows.

  • From Oregon to Ohio, a swell of support for Catholic sisters,  [This article may sound positive on the surface, but upon reading you see that the support is for by the supposed lay faithful for the sisters as the mean old Vatican attacks the poor nuns.]
  • Austrian Parish Listens to Priest, none receive the host, [The article is about a priest who asked anyone in the congregation who was in a state of mortal sin to not receve communion.  What a noble idea!  To follow the rules.  But not so fast, the article sides with the layity who were being ‘antagonized’ by the priest”]  A quote for the story: – “one of the mothers of a child receiving first Communion told the press it was incomprehensible that the few remaining Catholics were being antagonized like this.”
  • LCWR crackdown more complicated than ‘Rome vs. America, [My first problem with this story is the biased title.  A ‘crackdown’ implies that the nuns have done nothing wrong and ‘Rome’ has.  My second issue with the article is that it is full of language like ‘investigation’, ‘crackdown’, and went as far as giving the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith the title of “the Vatican’s powerful theological watchdog agency.”]

Really its not news that the NCR’s lack of faithfulness to the Church is nothing new.  It isn’t even newsworthy, in fact its expected, but I felt the need to rant.  Thank you for listening.

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